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Delphi development
in a new, free and revolutionary way.

A new approach to developing software, Codolex can minimize and simplify typing code and boost productivity.

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Codolex 2.0 - for Free?

Check out the new, free Codolex 2.0 version! We’ve seen great results using Codolex in our own work and with developers everywhere. Now, we’re making Codolex available for free to everyone. Why? See our Q&A here.

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Develop 5 times faster with Codolex!

Simplify your development

Reduce recurring customizations that take time and speed up complex development with Codolex’s ready-to-use components. Easily improve your software using extensive validations. Customizing and extending your software is easier than ever.

Integrate low code with your application

This is the low-code solution that fits your application. Integrate and combine low-code directly with your existing solutions and develop new features and extend existing ones with all the benefits of low-code. The result is code that is used by you.

Quickly find the right spot

Find what you’re looking for faster through precise search options. Expand your understanding of the code through the visual display. Everything is linked and therefore recognizable and searchable, and development is therefore more accurate than ever.

Connect with others quickly

Linking to an API or an external data source can be done immediately. Easily apply the imported data in your existing application and the data structure is visually presented in Codolex.

Bring your own solutions

Expand Codolex with your own solutions and create activities for recurring tasks or specific applications. Develop general or specific solutions to the project you are working on. Surprise the development community with your additions using Codolex.

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