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The idea behind Codolex

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Codolex is a Low Code tool designed for Delphi developers. Codolex enables you to develop business logic in a visual way. The primary objective of Codolex is to simplify the development process for every Delphi developer. Using Codolex, you can create applications by using flows and building blocks or activities. These activities can be low-level, such as reading a file, or high-level, such as linking directly to a REST Service. Codolex also simplifies working with databases and data while keeping the business logic insightful. Finally, Codolex generates code based on flows, which eliminates vendor lock-in and provides access to the source code.


Codolex turns your visual flows into platform independent code. This means that the code generated by Codolex can work on any platform where Delphi is supported.

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