Codolex provides everything that makes your development work easier. Read and learn more about all the features on this page.

Visual development

Develop your code through visual design. Understand logic faster through visual representation and adjust easily by modifying the flow. A picture is worth a thousand words!


Use the standard activities in Codolex to develop quickly. Frequently used code blocks are available as activities for a flow. Quickly build a REST client or perform a date calculation using a standard activity.

Data sources

Every application uses data sources. Codolex makes it easy to connect a database or REST service to your application. The underlying data model becomes available and can easily be used anywhere.

Code generation

Codolex generates code that is immediately usable in your projects. Using the preview function in the modeler you can immediately see what code is generated for the flow. There is no vendor lock-in because everything is generated into code.


Modeling the code allows for logical validations to be performed. Codolex has extensive validations and can highlight where improvements are possible. The results are immediately visible when changing flows.


Search not only by text but also by data entities or activities used. Codolex can target searches on used elements to help you find places where a flow has been used.

IDE integration

A complete IDE integration is available for Delphi RAD Studio. This allows Codolex to work easily with your existing Delphi project. Flows and data sources can be modified from within Delphi, and the integration ensures that the code is generated automatically before compilation.

Delphi components

Data-aware development in Delphi is possible with Codolex’s component set. Select a Codolex project, use the data models in the Codolex Dataset, and add fields easily based on the selected data entity. From the database or the flow, you can then retrieve data directly.

Pluggable activities

Bring your own solutions to Codolex. Build a BPL with the activities you want in Codolex, or use it for project-specific activities and more general solutions.